Soldier Pile Wall

The soldier pile wall (Berlin wall) is usually used when shoring temporary excavations of foundation pits with bottom above the ground water table. The soil, which is being secured, must have some coherence to prevent the pit from collapsing before lagging is installed.

This shoring structure consists of soldier piles, lagging and alternatively anchors or props, which are realized through steel wales. Soldier piles are usually I or H steel profiles, which are put into pre-driven boreholes or rammed (vibrated) to the soil under the bottom of the foundation pit. Sometimes, RC piles or solitary elements of diaphragm wall can be used instead of steel profiles.

The GEO5 Sheeting Check program provides an advanced design of anchored or strutted soldier pile walls (as well as other embedded retaining wall types). It allows modelling of real structure behavior in stages of construction, calculations of deformation and pressures acting upon the structure, verification of internal anchor stability, verification of steel, RC, timber cross-sections and bearing capacity of anchors.

The GEO5 Sheeting Design program is designated for a fast design of non-anchored soldier pile walls and basic design of anchored soldier pile walls. The program provides the design of the required length of structure in soil, internal forces on structure and the verification of cross-section (RC, steel, timber).

Programs provide different types of soil anchors. Pre-stressed bar anchors (VSL, Dywidag), strand anchors (VSL, Dywidag), helical anchors (Helical Anchors Ltd, Chance, MacLean), anchor bars (VSL, Minova), deadman anchors. Parameters of anchors are included in database, which is a part of programs.

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