Mat footing

Mat footings are used when the building load is so high, that spread or strip footings could not bear the weight or their employment would be inefficient. Furthermore, mat footings are helping to reduce the varying settlements caused by construction on non-homogenous soils or uneven load distribution on the footing.

The program GEO5 Slab can be used for the design of mat foundations or slabs of any shape on elastic subsoil, using the Finite Element Method.

The GEO5 Sheeting Design program is used to perform a quick design of cantilevered retaining walls or a basic design of anchored retaining walls (tieback). The program calculates the required length of the structure in soil, 
the internal forces on the structure and verifies cross-sections (RC, steel, timber).

Programs provide different types of soil anchors. Pre-stressed bar anchors (VSL, Dywidag), strand anchors (VSL, Dywidag), helical anchors (Helical Anchors Ltd, Chance, MacLean), anchor bars (VSL, Minova) and deadman anchors. The parameters of all anchors are included in the database, which is a part of our programs.

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